Accenta & Oze-Energies merge to meet the challenge of guaranteed decarbonization of buildings

The two real estate experts are joining forces to offer the market an innovative range of low-carbon energy performance solutions.

Our common ambition is to democratize low-carbon buildings as quickly as possible, notably by disseminating our technologies within the real estate market in France and internationally. Accenta’s technology responds to the major challenge of energy and environmental transition by reducing, for heating and ventilation needs, up to 80% of purchased energy consumption and up to 95% of the building’s CO2 emissions.

Thanks to this merger with Oze-Energies, Accenta will be able to offer its customers visibility on the first 25% of energy savings generated thanks to the OPTIMZEN solution® developed in Saas mode. Accenta also completes its offer on the improvement of the indoor air quality of buildings, a major issue today, with functionalities allowing a better comfort of the occupants for tertiary and residential buildings.

“We are delighted with this merger, which will enable us to respond more broadly to the needs of the market in terms of energy performance. Oze-Energies is a recognized player in the field of building intelligence and energy engineering. We were particularly attracted by the quality of the OPTIMZEN® technology, which ensures an extremely precise analysis and continuous approach of the performance levers to be activated to optimize existing buildings, all with remarkable productivity” Pierre Trémolières, founder and CEO of Accenta.

Accenta, a spin-off from École Polytechnique, is disrupting the building sector with its low-carbon heating/air conditioning solution RESPILOT and its energy performance platform EFFIPILOT, thereby maximizing the value of their clients’ assets. Oze-Energies has collaborated with many major institutions such as the Collège de France and has three international patents for its OPTIMZEN®solution. This SaaS platform has more than 5 millions of m2 referenced in its database, corresponding to more than 12 million euros saved, 120 GWh avoided, and the equivalent of 60,000 tons of CO2 footprint avoided.

“We have chosen to merge with Accenta in order to further support our clients towards the almost total decarbonization of their real estate assets. We are transforming the constraints of the Tertiary Decree into an opportunity to create value for entire real estate assets. The guaranteed and financed solutions that we are now integrating into our historical offering are unparalleled to date, particularly for our real estate company and bank-insurance clients. They are optimal in terms of ecological efficiency, occupant comfort, timeframes, increased property values and financial profitability. With a guaranteed level of decarbonization of buildings of 95%, we are able to bring a solution to the energy transition of buildings at the international level similar to the disruption that is occurring in the automotive sector. Finally, our power in AI and continuous improvement of our solutions, our governance and the means for our development are strengthened.” Gilles Nozière, founder and CEO of Oze-Energies.

Here are the three solutions resulting from this union:

  • Building inventory (energy consumption, air quality, thermal comfort, etc.) and energy roadmap in accordance with the Tertiary Decree
  • Remote control of a building or a group of buildings (continuous optimization thanks to machine learning) ensuring guaranteed energy and environmental performance
  • Decarbonated heat and cold production systems based on geothermal energy

The two companies are merging under the same name of Accenta and thus merging their product range. All Oze-Energies customers will find their flagship product OPTIMZEN® within a more global offer from Accenta.

About Accenta

ACCENTA is an innovative high-tech company born on the campus of the Ecole POLYTECHNIQUE in 2016. The company aggregates a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the world of energy, engineering and artificial intelligence. ACCENTA has developed an innovative low-carbon heating and cooling technology, RESPILOT, during a three-year research program in collaboration with the laboratories of the Ecole POLYTECHNIQUE, the Centre d’Efficacité Énergétique des Systèmes de ARMINES MINES PARISTECH and BRGM – Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière. It has received multiple innovation awards including ILAB 2018 or the PIA 2019 INNOVATION COMPETITION.

ACCENTA acquired EFFIPILOT in 2020 to expand its offering with a continuous energy system control platform.

The company, which now employs 75 people, is financed by renowned investors and industrialists including SERENA DATA VENTURE and EREN GROUPE.




About Oze-Energies

Oze-Energies, a French company in the field of real estate intelligence, offers an innovative and sustainable solution, OPTIMZEN®. Its concept: simultaneously save energy and improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort for commercial and residential buildings. It uses communicating sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its results: 25% energy savings on average, and improved air quality and occupant comfort. The results are achieved in a few weeks and do not require any work, thanks in particular to a better dynamic consideration of office buildings in relation to weather and occupancy conditions.

Rapidly deployed, the OPTIMZEN® solution is marketed by subscription and its results are long-lasting. Finally, its net cost is generally negative (as it is more than compensated by the energy savings). Shared in Saas mode, the solution is aimed at building owners, occupants as well as managers and maintainers.

It adapts to all climatic conditions and regulatory environments. OPTIMZEN® prevents the regulatory obsolescence of buildings in terms of energy and reduces their carbon footprint in an optimal way. Finally, it secures hygiene and air quality for their occupants. Oze-Energies currently equips more than 5 millions of square meters of buildings with its solution.


The OPTIMZEN® solution is used by Union Investment RE, AG2R La Mondiale, Generali, SNCF Immobilier, Malakoff Humanis, BNP Paribas REIM, Société Foncière Lyonnaise, La Française REM, Swisslife AM, CommerzReal AG, Caisse Centrale de Réassurance, Banque Palatine, APSYS, CDC Habitat and In’li Action-Logement.

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