Energy renovation of commercial buildings: how to perform energy savings?

Energy renovation and the tertiary sector decree

What is the purpose of the tertiary sector decree?

This decree serves to frame any ecological transition process, and therefore to support companies in reducing their energy consumption.

Who is concerned by the application of the tertiary decree?

Several sectors are concerned by the application of the tertiary decree:

  • Professional owners


  • Professionals who own or rent buildings or parts of buildings for tertiary use with a surface area greater than or equal to 1000 m2.


The energy renovation of buildings remains a solution considered by many professionals to meet the requirements of the tertiary decree.

It is proven that 30% of energy savings could be performed without work.


  • Which approach to choose?
  • To what extent is the work necessary?
  • How can we combine the implementation of energy renovation work in buildings with the more permanent choice of an intelligent energy optimization solution?

Performing energy renovation work, a necessity?

New and recent buildings meet demanding criteria in order to meet a standard in terms of energy consumption of the building itself. Thus, tertiary buildings must reach a high level of insulation and tightness, in order to minimize their energy needs.

Performing energy renovation work, whether it is to

changing your heating system or
improving the insulation of the building envelope, is a first step if you want to implement actions to improve the energy efficiency of your premises.

However, the implementation of the work is a costly operation that should be considered in the long term.

If you want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions more quickly to meet the obligations of the tertiary sector decree, other solutions are available to you.

Overall, focusing on energy intelligence can allow you to undertake an ecological transition before performing your work or while waiting to see the benefits.

The reduction of energy consumption in commercial buildings places as much importance on

  • energy renovation and
  • the improvement of the occupants’ life habits, as well as
  • the capacity of the building to be autonomous in terms of energy management.

These last two aspects can be optimized by systems of :

  • energy management ;
  • technical management of the building ;
  • automatic adjustment of the interior temperature;
  • control and optimization of indoor air qualit

Set up an intelligent energy optimization system

While you cannot control energy prices and their fluctuations, you can influence the energy efficiency of your commercial buildings. By improving your energy performance, you can regain control of your energy consumption. This is an excellent way to start an energy transition process.

1: Install an intelligent system in your commercial building

It allows, with the help of sensors, to collect a multitude of data on the nature of your energy consumption. From this data, it is possible to understand how your buildings and their occupants consume energy. Generally, this approach is sufficient to highlight areas for improvement.

2 : Establishment of an action plan

Then, you have all the cards in hand to set up an action plan. This can include a project for the progressive integration of renewable energies in your energy system.

3: Prepare the transition

In the meantime, adopting an energy optimization solution can help you better understand how energy is consumed in your buildings. This is a good way to anticipate the transition to more environmentally friendly energy sources.

What you need to remember : Reducing the energy consumption of buildings in the tertiary sector represents an increasingly important competitive challenge. Better control of the needs of buildings and their occupants makes it possible to build up a certain economic dependence on regulatory and financial changes in energy.


Oze-Energies accompanies you in your energy saving process


The advantages 

The implementation of an intelligent energy optimization system is a real opportunity to bring additional value to your company.

If you are the head of a tertiary activity whose buildings have a surface area of less than 1000 m2, it is also possible for you to perform an investment aiming at enhancing your commitment in terms of energy savings.

Our strength 

The Optimzen system relies on artificial intelligence to offer, as a priority, a high level of comfort in your buildings while allowing you to perform energy savings of around 25%. All this without undertaking any energy renovation of the buildings. Oze-Energies gives you access to a personal online space, via which you can :

1: Consult all your energy data and

2: Track the performance of your objectives.

In a few clicks, you can extract your reports to justify your CSR commitment.

Our Optimzen solution has the advantage of being able to be deployed quickly, by adapting to your real estate portfolio.

The optimization objectives are defined and can be regularly monitored thanks to the traceability of the results.

On average, an Optimzen investment is profitable after 6 months.