Oze-Energies is a French company created in 2006. Specialized in building intelligence, the company launched Optimzen® in 2009, the result of 3 years of research and development.

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Our solutions

Customized solutions

for each of our clients

At first, our sales team accompanies you to understand your needs.


At the same time, our technical team carries out an inventory of your building.


Once our teams have knowledge of your building’s data and your needs, Oze-Energies mobilizes its three areas of expertise to offer you a turnkey solution.


   An Energy and Comfort Manager then accompanies you in achieving the objectives that we set ourselves together.

Our three areas of expertise




With the help of our sensors installed in your buildings, Oze-Energies models your optimal energy consumption. One of our Energy Manager accompanies you and advises you on all topics related to your energy consumption (occupant behavior, waste and inconsistencies, energy contracts, etc …) to enable you to achieve an average of 25% energy savings without work.


You will benefit from a personal space on our online platform that will allow you to observe and analyze the performance of your building but also to centralize all its data (consumption, invoices, work follow-up, energy contracts, etc … ) that you can extract for your CSR reports.



In order to optimally improve the comfort of the occupants of your building, Oze-Energies calculates at the same time the objective comfort thanks to its sensors and the use of the Artificial Intelligence, and the comfort felt, with the help of its application, on which your occupants are invited to express themselves. Taking into account these two types of comfort allows a finer analysis and effective recommendations, for a fast and lasting improvement of the well-being of your occupants. This halves the rate of occupant complaints.



Our team of thermal engineers (experts in insulation, heating, air conditioning, renewable energies, etc.) accompanies you on all issues related to your building. Oze-Energies carries out all the classic project management tasks of a fluid study office (audits, diagnostics, certifications, GTB renovation, works follow-up, etc.) and relies on this competence to design with you global and optimal solutions for your building.

→ Regulatory studies


→ Renovation / Replacement GTB


→ Follow-up of works


→ Global energy management

Our competitive advantages

Our competitive advantages result from our work-free approach and our technology that converts datas into valuable and controllable concrete actions:


→ the ease and speed of implementation of the Optimzen® solution

→ its profitability (6 months) and its capacity for rapid deployment on entire fleets

→ the importance of the proven results obtained by the optimization

→ their traceability and their sustainability


The other solutions currently available for the control of energy are:


→ works only with the main drawbacks: the cost, the risk of not achieving the expected results, the significant lead time, the nuisance to the occupants and the non-secure comfort axis

→ billing analysis portals, audits, carbon balances, etc … with the main drawbacks: statistical comparative analyzes on heterogeneous parks make it possible, at best, to general and poorly targeted recommendations leading essentially to works.


The patents filed and the technological advance constitute a barrier to entry to competition in our segment.


Installed by you on our advice, sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, brightness, movement and comfort felt) collect continuous data of building comfort and energy consumption.


The Optimzen® solution optimizes energy consumption while ensuring optimal comfort for users of your premises tertiary destination or housing.


See real-time performance of your building and its different spaces with an intuitive graphical interface, easy to use and available on smartphone, tablet or computer.


From the calculation of the energy signature of your building, our team of Energy managers accompanies you to implement the recommendations delivered by the tool.

Create value

with a smart solution
Comfort + Energy by optimizing tertiary and residential buildings



Up to 25% energy savings


A significant improvement in comfort


A fluent design office at your service