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Malakoff Humanis

Malakoff Humanis is a parity and mutualist social protection group which intervenes in the fields of social protection for companies and individuals. With a turnover in 2018 of €6.240 billion, 10,000 employees, more than 420,000 corporate customers in insurance, but also 10 million policyholders, it is one of the players who count on the market.

Malakoff Humanis has equipped several sites in France with the Optimzen solution for remote monitoring of the work environment within the framework of energy optimization and improvement of air quality.

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Discover our Optimzen solution, allowing you to meet your needs in terms of energy optimization, comfort and indoor air quality for your office building or housing.

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With our intercommunicating sensors and artificial intelligence, Optimzen GOLD allows you to benefit from savings on energy consumption not being utilized, improve comfort and indoor air quality, all without renovations…