How to obtain an energy saving certificate?

The energy saving certificate, also known as cee, is a device for granting financial assistance to any company carrying out renovation work aimed at saving energy by optimizing the building’s insulation or by rehabilitating its heating system.  To obtain an ECA and benefit from a bonus, you must meet certain conditions related to the nature of the work.

Check the eligibility of your work for the energy savings certificate

The work you plan to do must be eligible for the program that issues your energy conservation certificate. They must therefore be part of a process to improve the energy performance of your buildings.

To be eligible, the calculated work must concern the insulation of your building, and more specifically the attic, walls, floors, ceilings and roof, as well as the creation of openings that could improve heat circulation.

Performing renovation work related to heating is also included in the eligibility criteria. This may involve replacing your old boiler or installing a heat pump or solar water heater in your dwellings.

obtenir un certificat d'économie d'énergie

Join the program of an energy supplier or contractor

The energy saving certificates are framed by a network of obligated persons, offering membership programs. The obligates are companies certified by the public authorities to oversee the implementation of the eec among professionals. They may be energy suppliers or distributors. They ensure that the work is carried out with the aim of reducing energy consumption and that it represents a real financial advantage.

As part of your support to the eec, your energy supplier may offer you an energy premium, which may cover all or part of your work. The amounts of the premium may vary according to the estimated reduction in energy consumption. For this, the energy supplier or distributor will make a specific calculation.

How do energy suppliers calculate the energy saved?

To calculate the amount of energy saved after the renovation or insulation work, energy suppliers use a qualification unit called cumac. The term comes from the contraction of “cumac” and “actualized”, and is placed after the unit kwh. It thus makes it possible to identify a number and quantify the energy savings achieved for 1 kwh of energy expended.

Call on a professional to implement your work

The use of a professional to carry out your energy conservation work is mandatory to join an energy conservation certificate program. The professional must use materials that are compatible with the eec’s application framework and have all the necessary certifications for certain types of work.

To be eligible for energy saving certificates, the expert selected to carry out your work must hold the RGE qualification (Recognized Environmental Guarantor). Before choosing your expert, it is advisable to seek several professionals RGE. Tell them the nature of your work and how it fits into an energy renovation process.

Put together a file to validate your adherence to energy savings certificates

Once the period of your work is over, you will have to create a work file composed of :

  • the program membership document, completed and signed;
  • detailed invoices for your work;
  • a certificate of completion of your work.

This work file is to be given to the company you have chosen to join the eec program. The company that carried out your work can also be responsible for submitting your file to the entity competent to process it.